A chance for us to connect and winddown before the weekend. Share your week's successes and put your wellness FIRST!

As wellness professionals, it’s so important that we focus on our own wellbeing.

Share your week’s successes and put your wellness FIRST!

It’s about promoting Wellness for all and that includes Wellness Professionals!

Positivity Check-in

Every session we will start off with a Positivity Check-in, where every member will get a moment to share their positive actions that week.

Wellbeing Accountability Checkout

We end the meeting with a Wellbeing Accountability Checkout, where we will ask you to commit to a single action that promotes your own wellbeing over the coming weeks.


07:00 pm Meeting Opens

07:05 pm Brief Introduction to the meeting

07:10 pm Positivity Check-in

07:30 pm Breakout Room for Networking

07:40 pm Wellbeing Accountability Checkout

08:00 pm Meeting End

Why join us at Wellness Wide?

  • Do you want to be part of this growing community?
  • Want to connect with more like-minded people who get you and your business?
  • Want to find people to collaborate with that can take your business to the next level?


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