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Kent Wellbeing Hub Cic
Short Description:
Kent Wellbeing Hub is home to counsellors, holistic therapies, yoga, pilates, sound baths, spiritual groups ….. our community is diverse and ever expanding! We also have our own, CPCAB approved …

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The Heart Movement
Short Description:
The Heart Bus – our converted American School Bus – is a mobile teaching studio that we want to take right into the heart of the communities who need it …

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Changing Lives “One Drop At A Time”.
Short Description:
Me and My Husband joined doTERRA in 2017. I was suffering from acid reflux caused by a hiatus hernia and I had even had surgery for that. The surgery failed …

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Shafin Crystal Therapies For Hands
Short Description:
I offer hand therapies that include massage with hot and cold stones (jade and basalt stones for the hot massage and orange calcite/rose quartz for the cold massage that are …

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Silver Birch Counselling – Louise Milne
Short Description:
Do you need somebody to listen to you, understand and help you make changes? Counselling is two people having meaningful conversations about the issues of one of them. Counselling is …

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Make The Change
Short Description:
Personal Training should be enjoyable. No one likes a shouty drill sergeant, therefore it’s important to me to help motivate and challenge people with an individual approach to meet their …

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Kerry'S Natural Health Solutions
Short Description:
The Holistic Therapist: Your Gut and Mind Healing Starts Here! Simple, Natural Solutions to guide you through resolving digestive issues, releasing stress and trauma to heal from within and live …

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David Breaker – Weight Loss Coach
Short Description:
A four week Weight Loss Coaching Programme that helps you get back on track with your weight loss goals via weekly one to one online support
Neil D’Silva (Dipnutr.adv) – Nutritionist, Weight Management And Type 2 Diabetes Management Expert
Short Description:
I help busy professionals to improve their health and diet, lose weight and (where applicable) manage and potentially reverse Type 2 Diabetes in as little as 6 months. i-Nutrition is …

Neil D’Silva (DipNutr.Adv) – Nutritionist, Weight Management and Type 2 Diabetes Management Expert Read More »

Bodymind Solutions
Short Description:
Sandra Lamb of BodyMind Solutions can help you to overcome non resolving injuries, persistent pain, anxiety or stress. She has over 30 years experience helping clients to make postive change …

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