Mission Statement

They wanted to focus on this idea of Wellness, and how they could apply that to a mission. So they worked together to create this mission statement (with support from Liz Almond):

WW Mission Statement

Wisdom – provide people support from our experiences of running a wellness business.
Energy – create a space where people’s energy can be shared, grow and lift everyone up.
Learning – a source of learning on how to grow and build a wellness business.
Love – to show regard and appreciation for all the hard work that goes into building a business that focuses on others wellbeing.
Nurture – growth for our members business by highlighting it in front of new clients.
Empathy – show understanding that Wellness Professionals have their own challenges, and can be just as vulnerable as those they support.
Sensitive – to treat our members like family and be sensitive to the fact they are people, not just business owners.
Support – and finally, and most importantly, provide support for their growing wellness business.

This is our mission statement and what drives our ideals here at Wellness Wide!

“The rising tide lifts all the boats.”

― John F. Kennedy