Updated: July 13, 2021
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As I sit watching the Tour de France and as we approach the Olympics, and dare I mention the 19th of July I always think these moments are a great time for reflection of the events, challenges and successes we personally have had and particularly over the last few years.

The Tour de France is one of my favourite events every year and I am sure if you are a cycling fan it may be one of yours too, we then come to the Olympics, I truly admire the dedication that all these athletes put into the Tour de France and into the four years leading up the Olympics and in fact a lifetime of dedication and single mindedness in their goals to get to the Olympics and to “Go for Gold”, in the Tour de France it’s the Yellow Jersey.

You may be wondering what this has to do with your health and you business but I believe that we should all be aiming for “Gold” for our health; this is what I refer to as Optimal or Elite Health.  We should all be working towards life-long health rather than a quick short-term fix and the same applies to every area of our life.  If you are not healthy and happy, this can impact all the other areas of your life, your business, your relationships and your leisure time.

Now I am not suggesting for a minute that you have any health issues, maybe you do and maybe you don’t, or maybe you do and you don’t realise it – sometimes it takes 5 to 10 years for symptoms to show up, so the sooner you make the changes and set yourself up for life-long health the better in my personal opinion.  More and more research is showing that many major illnesses and disease ar linked to our dit and lifestyles and infact the health of our gut / microbiome and I don’t know about you but I will do everything I can to avoid getting “older and more ill”.  I truly believe we can have great health into our advanced years and that this should be normal!

There are some key areas that I encourage you to look at in order to improve your health because health is not a “one and done” thing, as with training for the Olympics there are a number of competitions on the way, European and World Championships or day races and week long races building up to the Tour de France for cyclists, it is always an ongoing process, a journey.

Along my journey to life-long health, I have made many changes, I am not saying it was always easy and sometimes, I had to approach this with the dedication of an Olympic athlete to get the results I needed.  But as I am sure every Olympic athlete will tell you, it was worth it, I started to feel better, I looked 100% better, and slowly I began to heal the damage my body had sustained by my resistance to changing my diet and lifestyle.  I have now set myself up for life-long health and you can too by following my simple 7 Step System,  I will share 3 of those steps below.  However, if you want all 7 you can find those in my book – 7 Steps to Optimal Health

  1. Food: Eat REAL food – avoid processed and junk food.  Eat food that is the closest to its natural form, for example, apples are REAL food, homemade apple sauce is real food but once you move on to apple pies and apple tarts the apples are becoming more and more processed and less and less recognizable as apples.
  2. Great supplements: due to our modern diets and lifestyles we are all deficient in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are vital to keep our bodies and minds healthy for life-long health. I work with clients to design a bespoke supplement programme for them – it is essential that you take high quality pharmaceutical grade, organic, plant based supplements that are basically food in powder, capsule or liquid form otherwise you could be adding to your ill health rather than adding to life-long health.
  3. Lifestyle: Have fun, relax and enjoy your life!! I also recommend eliminating toxins and managing stress and including daily meditation.

Allow health into your life – Set yourself up for success

To set yourself up for success and “Go for Gold”, decide what changes you need to make.  What areas of your life do you need to work on, then set your goals and break these down into a number of small, simple and manageable steps.  This can be adding extra vegetables to your diet once a day or increasing your water intake to an extra glass of water every day, if you make one change every month, after a year you will be well on the way to setting yourself up for life-long Health.  Implementing changes can be challenging, but our habits have got us to where we are and if you want to set yourself up to live a life of happiness, health and abundance your need to make changes and create new habits.  Small steps, add up to big achievements, as with Olympic athletes their small steps of daily training add up to big achievements such as gold, silver or bronze medal.

Why do we struggle?

In order to be successful with making changing it is important to understand why we struggle and to avoid these pitfalls.  Most of us try to implement these habits alone and if you end up stumbling because of one slip up, there is no one to support you and cheer you on and then you may end up failing as we tell ourselves, that it is too hard and talk ourselves out of it, we convince ourselves that it was never going to work so we can justify our actions and feel better about it – it’s human nature we have all done this possibly many times over.  I know I have!

Whilst most of us are not training to be Olympic athletes we should be striving for the best we can for our lives, in our business, our health, happiness and abundance.  We are only given one body and one life on this earth and we should all be “Going for Gold” and even if you come up with bronze it is still an incredible achievement as they say “reach for the moon and even if you fall short you will be amongst the stars”

If you are not healthy, your business will never be healthy – everything starts to suffer.  Your health both physical and mental is your number 1 priority.

Whenever I get my clients to make changes I am reminded that most people know what to do in order to eat healthily but the biggest challenge they have is implementing changes as they don’t have any accountability.  I have heard several of the Olympic athletes say “I did it for my coach, when I was ready to give up he/she believed in me and pushed me forward and that’s why I am here today”.

If you are still wondering how you can make changes successfully, it is about finding your coach or “cheerleaders” as I call them.  I tell my clients this all the time…….. find a support network, these are the people who will support you, the ones who will offer to share a piece of cake with you, if you really, really want it.  Sadly, most often the people who are the closest to you are not always the people who will be your cheerleaders it’s not that they want you to fail, but if you are successful in making changes it means they may have to look at their habits and lifestyle and make changes and that may be uncomfortable for them.

Possibly unlike Olympic training, it is not about strict limitations or depriving yourself, but it is about feeling great, having more energy, improving your mood and finding your joy and purpose.  I find that once my clients have more energy and a better mood, they gain more confidence and this motivates them to continue healthy eating and to make it a habit as the incentive is there to feel this way all the time – it is all about THINKing, ACTing and FEELing differently

Are you feeling a lack of motivation?  Are stress and emotions taking a toll on your personal and work life?   Connect with me by joining my facebook group here, I would love to be your cheerleader.  You can also connect with me by clicking here, find out how you can get a 10% discount on my 21 Day Reste and Refresh Programme, find out how I can help you improve your life and achieve life-long health, happiness and abundance.


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