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Updated: January 20, 2022
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Mental Wellness and mental health

In our latest blog series, we are looking at the eight pillars of wellness and considering how each, when maintained and supported, can allow us to become the healthiest version of ourselves.

In our seventh blog article, we look at the pillar of mental wellness.

What is mental wellness?

Mental wellness encourages us to continually engage in creative and mentally-stimulating activities across our lifetime.

It can be developed through education, getting involved in cultural and community activities, and personal hobbies that expand your knowledge and skills while allowing you to share what you have learned with others.

Why is mental wellness important to overall wellbeing?

Continually engaging the mind can help you to build new skills and knowledge that inspire and challenge you, and ultimately help you to grow.

Whether it’s brain games and puzzles, getting involved in community events, returning to education, or even engaging in lively debate – there are many activities that can strengthen this pillar.

How can I assess my mental wellness?

Below are some questions to think about when assessing your mental wellness.

  1. How often do I learn new things?
  2. Do I make an effort to keep abreast of current affairs – locally, nationally, and internationally?
  3. When was the last time I attended a lecture, play, musical performance, museum, gallery, and/or library?
  4. Do I enjoy creative and stimulating mental activities/games?
  5. Am I happy with the amount and variety that I read?
  6. How often do I engage in intellectual discussions? Do I see more than one side of an issue?

How can you achieve mental wellness?

Here are 5 top tips to help kickstart your journey into boosting your mental wellbeing:

  1. Picking up a new hobby. A hobby is a great way to increase your skillset, meet new people, and can be lots of fun!
  2. Reading for pleasure. Perhaps give yourself an aim to read a book each week or month and choose from a variety of genres. Joining a book club (or even setting one up yourself) can be a fantastic way to discuss the your opinions on what you have read and listen from other people’s perspectives. A local library will open up a whole new world of literature.
  3. Looking for continuing education classes through a local community, college, or university.
  4. Take up journaling or another self-reflective activity and let your mind wander and discover new ways of thinking about the world around you.
  5. Bring brain-boosting activities into your leisure time. Crosswords, Sudoku, and puzzles are great options for when you’re by yourself, or engage friends and family in board games or cards.

It should be noted that the path to wellness is not one size fits all, but the common thread for everyone is that wellness requires a holistic approach. The eight pillars are not prescriptive but should help form the basis of a personalised journey.

While there are many ways for you to take charge of your mental wellness, the help, guidance, and experience of a wellness professional can give you the boost you need, when you need it most.

If you would like to develop your mental wellness but don’t know where to start, please use the Wellness Wide directory here to find a professional today.




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