How to Apply the Reiki Principles to Business

How to Apply the Reiki Principles to Business

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique.  It is your connection to life force energy which everyone can tap into if they wish.  It is an absolutely fantastic therapy for any business owner to learn, regardless of whether they decide to give Reiki sessions to their family,  their clients or their pets once they have learnt it.  You can either become empowered to Reiki personally and go up the levels of training to develop yourself or you can go to see a Practitioner (Level 2 or above) for a Reiki session where you lie on a couch and have Reiki delivered to you whilst you chill out and fall into a meditative and relaxed state of mind which releases stress and helps your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

The Levels of Spiritual and Personal Development of Reiki

There are four different levels in Reiki training – Level 1, Level 2 Practitioner, Master and Master Teacher.  The first level of Reiki is about self awareness.  Slowing down and applying Reiki to yourself to help you to relax. You will be re-connected to your life force energy.  Level 2 is where you deepen your practice and learn to work on others including offering distance healing. Master is an even deeper spiritual level where you discover more about your life purpose and connection to the planet/Universe.  At each level, you are deepening your wisdom about yourself and life.  A Reiki Master is a wise person who has learnt how to deal with their past and is guiding their clients to relax, release stress and to aid their wellbeing and to embed mindfulness approaches.  They are also following their truth and guiding others in how to change their beliefs around their health, wealth and happiness, so that they may have a great and abundant life.  They may or may not be advertising their services and offering therapy as a Reiki Master. They could be in any job/business e.g. an investment banker, mechanic, window cleaner, photographer, carpet fitter, hairdresser, etc.  They may be using their Reiki conversationally with people, rather than having clients lying on a couch. As a Reiki Master Teacher, you have all the qualities of Reiki Master but you are also qualified to teach and give qualifications in Reiki.

The Reiki Principles and how they apply to Business

Just for Today

  • I will give thanks and count my many blessings
  • I will have no anger
  • I will have no worry
  • I will do my work honestly
  • I will be kind to every living thing and person

Being Reiki trained means that you are connected in a deeper way to your higher self and purpose.  By practicing the Reiki principles within your business means that you can gain many benefits for your business, such as:

  • Being calmer in any situation which usually would have caused you stress e.g. staff letting you down,
  • Improved and quicker decision making rather than overthinking topics and procrastinating
  • Showing no aggression towards others who communicate with you within your business as you only show them kindness
  • Trusting yourself to make important decisions and not worrying what others think
  • Understanding the powers of gratitude and giving which brings abundance in many forms to your business
  • Embedding eco and sustainability strategies within your business to ensure that Earth continues rather than being affected by pollution, etc.
  • A more heart centred approach to staff, clients and suppliers which promotes more harmony and a relaxed environment to work within
  • Staff can speak more openly with you about concerns knowing that you will be receptive and fair with your judgement
  • Better productivity of staff who know that their managers care and have their health and wellbeing at the heart of the business
  • Improved staff retention and performance which will impact your profitability

If you are interested in becoming empowered to Reiki or learning more about how your staff can come on this journey with you, email Liz at or visit to have any questions answered.  Business owners can be empowered by themselves or their staff can be trained in Reiki to complement their work and to improve their health and wellbeing both at work and at home.


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