Do you think management training is not for you?

Updated: August 17, 2021
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Read on to find out how you could be wrong.

As small business owners, it is really easy to think we don’t need management training, particularly if you are a sole trader.

Even if you are a limited company but don’t employ ‘many’ people, maybe they are relatives???


Managing people is a skill, and in our businesses, we all manage people, our direct or in-direct teams, our suppliers, our customers and even our friends and family.

I established The Managers’ Circle – an online forum, training and development hub to help support small business owners and managers just like you. Who wants a safe, supportive and informative community to be able to accelerate in their businesses.

Being a small business owner and manager of people can be lonely, it can be scary and confusing.

The Managers’ Circle is just the place to lift you up, support you with all the questions, situations and also celebrate the wins with you.

A monthly training and coaching community, for JUST 1 hour a week you can really accelerate and grow.

This is one example of how I supported a member and small business owner recently.

She was feeling very low, worn out and in need of a few days away. In a coaching session, it was clear to see she was overwhelmed and did not know which way to turn. She needed those few days away but was scared about being out of the business because of the feelings of overwhelm relating to her long list of tasks to complete. She was struggling to concentrate and focus for more than 15 minutes on any tasks.

During the coaching session, we talked about her priorities, broke the tasks into small manageable and achievable steps so that by the end of the session she had reached her decision on the plan of action.

Today, she messaged me “I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help in getting me through the last couple of days before my break. I wouldn’t have achieved all that I needed to without your support. As a result, I had a really lovely time away, feel more myself again and refreshed. So much so that I sourced and test drove a new car, I am really ready for the week ahead! Thank you again you really helped me”.

So think again, do your management skills need a tweak, do you need to build your confidence AND do you need a safe and supportive community to help you do this?

Check out our Wellness Wide offer on the member’s area or go to my website – I want to help you avoid overwhelm, burnout and a lack of confidence.

About TA Barker Associates: 

A boutique training and coaching consultancy, founded by Tracy-Anne. She and her team have extensive experience in working with executives, managers and individual team members.

With over 30 years of experience in the Construction, Retail, Recruitment, Professional Services,  Charity, Public Sector, Training, Education, Supply Chain, Overseas Trading and Hospitality industries.

In her downtime, when not doing the job she absolutely loves, you will find her with three step-children and two grandsons, usually at a game of Rugby at the local club. Or hanging out with friends watching England on a big screen, or if lucky enough, watching the team at Twickenham, the home of England rugby.  ‘Come on England’.

Business can often be aligned to sport, Rugby is a great example of that. As a game, you need lots of different players with lots of different skills. A team needs the same, if you are fed up running all over the pitch trying to play every move if you are tired from all the effort it is taking, if you want 2021 and beyond to be a year you ‘kick the ball out of the park’ get in touch, Tracy-Anne would love to hear from you.








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