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Updated: January 20, 2022
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Community wellness and wellbeing

In our latest blog series, we are looking at the eight pillars of wellness and considering how each, when maintained and supported, can allow us to become the healthiest version of ourselves.

In our sixth blog article, we look at the pillar of community wellness.

What is community wellness?

Community wellness refers to leading a lifestyle that values the relationship between ourselves, our environment, and the community.

As humans, we are designed to contribute to and serve the world around us and we are happiest when we are doing just that! This pillar is all about your contribution to the bigger picture.

The core principle is respect i.e. showing respect for the community around you each and every day.

Why is community wellness important to overall wellbeing?

The effects of strengthening your community wellness can be felt personally, as well as by your larger local and global communities.

The more you care for and respect your natural and built environments, the better they can support and sustain your daily life and improve your overall wellbeing. Likewise, both your social and natural surroundings can greatly impact how you feel each day.

How can I assess my community wellness?

Below are some questions to think about when assessing your community wellness.

  1. Do I make enough of an effort to conserve energy (electricity, heat, light, water, etc.) at home?
  2. Am I recycling (glass, paper, plastic, etc.) enough? Could I purchase more recycled items?
  3. Do I show commitment to cleaning up the environment (air, soil, water, etc.)? Do I ever litter?
  4. Am I consciously trying to conserve fuel energy and lessen the pollution in the atmosphere?
  5. When gardening, do I make an effort to limit the use of fertilisers and chemicals?
  6. Do I volunteer my time for environmental conservation projects?
  7. How strongly do I feel about doing my part to preserve the environment?

How can you achieve community wellness?

Here are 5 top tips to help kickstart your journey into boosting your community wellbeing:

  1. Drive less and opt for a bike ride or car sharing – each small effort can add up to a large impact.
  2. Join local clean-up efforts. This could include recycling and picking up litter in your neighbourhood, as well as being mindful of how much waste you are producing as an individual and making efforts to reduce this.
  3. Start a force for good. It can be hard to feel good if you feel unsafe in your community environment – perhaps go about creating a neighbourhood watch scheme to help support those around you. There is more information at
  4. Reduce your impact on the planet by conserving energy and water by turning off lights and water when not in use, recycling, purchasing products with minimal packaging, and becoming a more mindful consumer by supporting eco-friendly and ethical companies.
  5. Grow for it! Growing your own vegetables at home is not only satisfying in itself, but it’s a great way to minimise the impact on the environment by eliminating the transport and packaging associated with supermarket produce. RHS has some useful tips and advice Think carefully about wildlife as well – creating a wild garden in addition to your fruit, veg and herbs will be a welcome haven for much-needed pollinators!

It should be noted that the path to wellness is not one size fits all, but the common thread for everyone is that wellness requires a holistic approach. The eight pillars are not prescriptive but should help form the basis of a personalised journey.

While there are many ways for you to take charge of your community wellness, the help, guidance, and experience of a wellness professional can give you the boost you need, when you need it most.

If you would like to develop your community wellness but don’t know where to start, please use the Wellness Wide directory here to find a professional today.



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