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Jun 26 - 27 2021


9:00 am - 6:15 pm



TCT Practitioner Training

Tctp Logo 2 238X300 1This is the ultimate tool for anxiety, trauma, PTSD and depression, things that most people in society deal with. These are issues that rarely get resolved quickly or easily.

We’ve brought together the most sophisticated hypnotherapy tools, advanced NLP & HNLP, with new and unique tools we’ve developed over the many years. With TCT, you can create life-changing events based on real hidden resources and resolve most of the issue – if not all of it – in just one session, creating positive changes that last.

It all happens without the classical methods of hypnosis and can be performed open-eyed.

This training is everything you need to get started as a Trauma Specialist. It contains scriptless, conversational and Power Hypnosis for use with all clients.

This training, in collaboration with Hypno Academy International, goes beyond any other regular stress / trauma release.

Who is this training for?

This training is a valuable technique for established therapists, coaches, NLP experts, but also for those who have a healthy interest without yet running a practice.

In this training you will learn powerful, straightforward and scientifically proven techniques. With the skills provided in this training, you will lead your clients to access their full potential.

You learn everything you need to start your own private practice and everything that is needed to obtain international standards and certification from our partner The Hypno Academy – your guarantee for professional training.

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