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Remote Support :- IT assistant at your desk when you need them

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What Is the Remote Support?  Here is just some of what you get.

Full Remote Support (P100) + F-secure Premium Portal Workstation with Full Remote Support

Cost: £250+VAT / year per unit (or monthly instalments)  Your Price is £20 per month or £200 per Year.

  1. F-Secure will find patches as available to existing software to prevent vulnerability of programs (see link for a full list of programs included)
  2. F-Secure will install Window updates on a regular basis
  3. Verbo Computers will remove unknown/new viruses/malware/spyware and notify F-Secure accordingly to prevent reinfection
  4. Verbo Computers will give reasonable telephone support on F-Secure issues
  5. Verbo Computers will install the software to ensure the machine is fully clean and the product is set up correctly
  6. Verbo Computers will pre-install remote support software
  7. Verbo Computers will monitor updates are successfully installed
  8. Verbo Computers will assist with any new current product software installs, i.e. printer set-ups, mobile phone connection, camera, book keeping software etc.
  9. Verbo Computers will assist with backup set-up including a short tutorial if required.
  10. Verbo Computers will resolve any software/install errors.

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