£10 off The Managers’ Circle

An amazing saving £120 per year
£120 off

Available To Our Wellness Professionals Only




Valid until 31st December 2021, for all members of the Wellness Wide community. Payable on a monthly basis equal to £29 per month instead of full price £39 per month

Join us!

So why not join us and be more Mindful of your Branding and use visual content to share your story!

For non-members to Wellness Wide, you can of course take advantage of this Workshop at the ticket price of ONLY £15! (All earnings from this session (after expenses) will be donated to a charity chosen by the presenters).

£10 off The Managers’ Circle

£10 off The Managers' Circle

What's included?

You may be a new Business owner who may have recently taken on a member of staff, or even work with associates, freelancers or partners in your business. Managing people is a skill.

Gain support to become confident, gain clarity and focus to help you accelerate in your management of individuals.

Being a manager is not easy, but don’t fear, don’t worry or get stressed I can help support and guide you in your role, helping  you develop in The Manager’s Circle.

You will increase your confidence, your knowledge, your skills and the supportive community will cheer you on and pick you up if you are feeling alone or unsure where to turn for advice or to have a general ‘chat’.

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Being part of this community will:

For less than £1 per day, and 1 hour per week – you have an annual training programme to help you accelerate in your people management skills.

To find out more and book, using the special discount code visit: www.tabarkerassociates.co.uk/membership

Last Updated: January 15, 2022
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