AMPLIFY your wellness efforts

Darlene Neufeld


Improving your wellness is a multi-faceted task. It involves attention to the areas of nutrition, diet, exercise, meditation, etc. My contribution to the wellness goal is a technology that will AMPLIFY all those other facets.

The brain is your body’s central computer. While there are numerous areas of the brain, the most important area is the mid-brain. That’s because the mid-brain is responsible for all the autonomic functions in the body. How many times a minute do you breathe, look around, hear a sound, blink your eyes, feel your heart beat? Those are just some of the automatic actions that you don’t even have to think about doing, the brain just does them for you. Neuroscience teaches us that your brain handles more than 400 million pieces of information per minute just to keep you alive!

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the central nervous system (CNS) and how the brain uses the nervous system to control every function of the body. An integral part of how the brain gets bio feedback from various parts of the body is the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). And it all starts with clusters of nerve receptors found in various areas of the body. A well-recognised area is the ball of the foot. Those nerve receptors read what is happening in your body and transmit that information to the brain using brain waves sent along the PNS to the CNS to the mid-brain.

Keeping all that information straight is complicated by stress, medications, trauma, and environmental toxins. A mapping of the brain can illustrate the chaos of brain waves that exists in the mid-brain. Picture a mother holding a baby, while her toddler pulls at her skirt, as a pot boils over on the stove, just as the doorbell rings, causing the dog to start barking, and you have an idea of what the mid-brain has to deal with. Stop this insanity!!!

Neuroscientists have learned that you can balance the chaos in the brain, making the brain able to handle more messages efficiently. That balance is called homeostasis. Proper neuro-stimulation can put the mid-brain into a state of homeostasis. Voxxlife, a Canadian technology company, specializes in wearable neuro-tech that, through vibro-tactile neuro-stimulation, will put the mid-brain into homeostasis.

Besides controlling all the autonomic functions, the mid-brain controls pain, balance, and your body’s self-healing mechanism. However, these last 3 areas are much lower down on the mid-brain’s priority list. As re-vitalization is a HUGE part of regaining wellness, achieving homeostasis is needed along with improved diet, exercise and rest. And it is as easy as changing your socks!


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