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Richard Hiatt and David Breaker - co founders of Wellness Wide

In 2020 and 2021, the world is sent reeling from a global pandemic that has changed our lives forever. We have nearly four million dead and the way we look at our health and well-being is forever changed. During this time our Founder David Breaker and Co-Founder, Richard Hiatt, have been busy trying to manage multiple businesses while also keeping themselves safe during these challenging times. Before the pandemic, they were both running in-person networking events for Wellness Professionals, with the idea of connecting like-minded people together.
All was going well, then the true horror of the pandemic hit, with the first national lockdown here in the UK. David’s coaching business, Breakthrough Life Coaching, had to move online and it was clear the same had to happen for the networking group.

David moved the networking group online and did so without charging anyone anything. He moved it to weekly online events for the first six months during 2020 because he believed in the idea of offering a safe place for people to continue to connect. So many people during this time lost their businesses, unable to move them online or worse. For David it was about offering support, connection and space for a community to grow.

Move forward to April 2021 and David has finished up his part-time work for a community interest company called Bemix. He has continued to support his clients via Breakthrough Lifecoaching, helping them to realign to their purpose and passions. He has also added a new service to his business, Weight Loss Coaching, helping clients to manage their eating habits and lose that extra weight that has been bothering them.

In March 2021 Richard and David would often discuss how they wish they could take the Networking group further. They had a wonderful community of nearly 100 members that would regularly attend, but they wanted to do more for them.

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About David

David truly understands the challenges that come with adopting a positive lifestyle change. As a man who was once 32 stone and lost 18, changing his life around from an unemployed gaming addict to a successful businessman he knows the effort it takes.

David is passionate about support others, always with a smile on his face and loves talking (maybe a little too much).

David’s favourite thing to relax is spending it with his partner Richard, watching a good kid’s animated film, as he loves to hear Richard giggle.

About Richard

Richard studied to become a hypnotherapist wanting to help people ‘stuck in a rut’ to free people from debilitating issues such as fears phobias and to manage pain.

In 1999, he suffered a horrendous knife attack which has left him with multiple health issues but is so stubborn that that’s not going to stop him!

Richard is a longtime re-enactor and dresses in Regency clothing all the time.  He even makes his own regency clothing from scratch.  To relax he likes nothing better than to sit around a campfire with friends and watching the sun go down.

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